Top 10 Trees – London Plane Tree (Platanus X Acerifolia)

The London Plane is a majestic tree widely utilised for urban planting and large open spaces such as parks and gardens. Commonly used as a large street, avenue or park tree. This hybrid tree has been much used for stately urban street planting for over two centuries not least because of its extraordinary tolerance of atmospheric pollutions. A big tree with big leaves and a big presence. The huge trunks and branches are mottled attractively with cream grey-blue and brown exfoliating bark. Deciduous, but with fairly non descript Autumn colour. Has a majestic winter silhouette of many intertwining weeping twigs with dangling globular seed heads three to four to a string. Tolerates most conditions and soil types.

Height: 14 metres.
Width: 10 metres.
Growth rate: Moderate.